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"Our facilities are booked back to back almost constantly with varying seating needs. In the past, we have had to transport several small sets of bleachers back and forth, which resulted in precious staff time being lost. The two sets of 180 seat portable Speedy Bleachers have given us the flexibility and time to provide a much higher level of service to our customers and has decreased staff time significantly, let alone provides for a much safer process to provide additional seating. What a great product!"

Mark Danner, Jefferson County Fair
John W. Bunting, President of B&K Rentals

"In my 37 years experience in bleachers and temporary seating I have seen no seating system to compare with the "Speedy Bleacher," They have set a new benchmark for portable seating. The attention to code, great appearance, and easy as well as quick installation make them a quality piece of rental equipment"

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