Where could you use a Bleacher On The Go? They are really useful for almost any event you could think of!


Track, softball, baseball, football, soccer, rugby, golf, tennis, tournaments, cross country, graduation, school assemblies, celebrations, speakers, field training, parades, arenas and so much more!


They can be used indoors or outdoors! They are often used by schools, colleges, parades, rental stores, race tracks, fairs, festivals, military installations, cities & counties, athletic organizations and political rallies!

Seating you can transport. When you need it and where you need it!

Take up less space and make transport easier with the folding bleachers. Completely automatic folding guardrail!

The portable bleachers only take one person to set-up, and can easily be set up in 10 Minutes!

park it.

unfold it.

use it.

Bleachers On The Go is your source for portable bleachers. Bleachers On The Go features bleachers for rent. Our portable bleachers can be rented for fairs, carnivals and events of all kinds. Each set of portable bleachers seats 300 people.  


Bleachers On The Go services Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana and surrounding areas.  Give us a call to schedule a bleacher rental for your next event!


With Bleachers On The Go, there is no job too small!


Bleachers For Rent



Need Bleachers Fast? 


Call us at 419-234-7715 and we'll get you rolling!

Bleachers On The Go offers a fast, reliable seating arrangement while cutting the cost, time and difficulty. The best part about the bleachers is that they are transportable. They can be easily moved to multiple locations and used for a variety of events in one day. They are a great way to boost attendance in a short amount of time!
Read below about more perks Bleachers On The Go has to offer!
  • Easy Push-Button Operation!

  • One Person Set-Up in just 10 Minutes

  • Automatic Folding Guardrail

  • Simplified Setup and teardown


  • Can be easily put together and transported away

  • Not a permanent landmark

  • Can be used outdoors or taken indoors


  • Easy Push-Button Operation

  • One Person Set-Up in just 10 Minutes

  • Can be hooked up and transported anywhere

  • Can be ready for a huge crowd in a matter of minutes

  • Easy assembly

  • Central aisle and sturdy hand rail are great safety options

  • Patented Vertical Bar Guard Rails discourage climbing and reduce liability

  • Different Levels Varying with capacity and pricing available


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